Knowledge Management Planning Workshop

Prepare to launch your knowledge base solution with a Find & Follow Planning Workshop

Create a plan for developing your company's digital guides and training resources with the guidance of a knowledge management expert


What is a Find & Follow Planning Workshop?

Creating a knowledge base and training program that your employees can use and trust isn’t easy. Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping existing guides and resources, you have a long to-do list ahead of you. So, you want to get it right from the get-go.

That’s where the Find & Follow Planning Workshop comes in.

This workshop helps align your team and prepare to launch your knowledge base.


What the workshop looks like

Our “all-hands-on-deck” Find & Follow Planning Workshops last around 4 hours and are designed to be interactive, engaging, and highly productive. Here’s a summary of how the workshops are run.

  • Identify needs

  • Review and grade existing resources

  • Spot the gaps

  • Create a plan



Identify the transactions and questions

First, we’ll work with your team to identify the “triggers'' or moments where end-users require support. What questions do users have? What transactions are they performing? What policies or procedures are they required to follow?

Some example triggers include:

  • When an employee needs to look up a policy
  • When an employee needs to look up information 
  • Transactions where employees need to follow a procedure 
  • Events that occur that require an employee to respond
Evaluate content


Review and evaluate existing content and resources

The next step is understanding your current content landscape. Together we’ll create a list of all the content you already have documented. Then we’ll evaluate that content for usefulness and accuracy.

At the end of this step, we’ll know exactly what needs to be updated and who is in charge of doing so.

Evaluate content
Spot gaps


Identify which questions or transactions are missing resources

Based on step one and step two, we’ll now be able to easily identify where our content gaps are. A gap is considered a question or transaction a rep has that does not have a resource documented.

Spot gaps
Create plan


Create a clear plan of action for creating and maintaining your knowledge base content

At the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with a content plan that identifies the following:

  • Which resources exist and are ready for your knowledge base
  • Which resources need to be edited
  • Which resources need to be created
  • Who is responsible
  • When they will be completed
Create plan
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Cut Your Training Time in Half with Better Planning — The Find & Follow Planning Workshop

In this webinar, you'll learn how this workshop helps you align your teams and define what resources you need to create so that you REALLY prepare new hires for what they will do on the job.

Watch the Recording

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What exactly do we get out of the workshop? What is my deliverable?

What our customers are saying about our Find & Follow Planning Workshop

“All feedback from our reps has been beyond positive. My reps appreciate the step-by-step process and describe it as ‘dummy proof.’ Thank you for helping me bring my vision for our protocol revamp to life.”

Yasmin | Supervisor, Call Center

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“When I first started, there were only a couple of articles. And now we have at least 1,500 to 2,000 articles. We're constantly adding new ones. ScreenSteps is used on a daily basis. It's an incredible tool.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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“The fact that you have so many features at your fingertips and the fact that you can actually USE all them, make ScreenSteps the best product on the market for training. We've loved it here and it has brought us much better results than what we were doing beforehand. It's a great product with a great customer service department and they keep delivering value.”

G2 Customer Review

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