The Find & Follow Training Framework

A 3-phase employee training approach to developing knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less.

Stressed employee on the job

The trouble with traditional training methods

Traditional training practices, such as PowerPoint presentations or trainer demonstrations, rely on employees memorizing how to do every aspect of their job. Not only does this take months and months, but it develops employees that are nervous, inexperienced, and frankly unprepared to work independently as self-reliant employees.

For supervisors, this results in high-stress environments, with consistent mistakes, frequent questions, long training times, and employees who can't adapt to change quickly or easily

Stressed employee on the job
Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting

A modern approach to employee training and performance support

It doesn't have to be this way! Instead of expecting employees to memorize how to perform each individual task, you just need to:

  1. Create digital guides that walk employees through processes, procedures, and tasks
  2. Show them how to find the specific guide they need to perform a specific task
  3. Teach them how to follow each guide to consistently perform that task the same way, every time

Taking memorization out of the equation gives your employees the time and space to learn the things that really matter — the big picture. 

Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting

The benefits of Find & Follow Training

Employees who go through Find & Follow Training develop into knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less. 



Employees focus on truly learning and understanding the most important aspects of their jobs and the company. 



Employees know exactly how to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time. 



Employees no longer waste time asking their supervisors how to perform a task or hunting down answers to questions.


30 days

Within 30 days of being hired, employees are proficient in their job. 

Here are real metrics from real customers who have gone through Find & Follow Training.

So, how exactly does Find & Follow Training work?

The Find & Follow Training Framework is a 3-phase approach to employee training and performance support. 


The employee experience

A new employee going through training will do the following:

  1. Take 2-10 minute foundational course on a specific topic (self-paced or presentation)
  2. Discuss the course with the trainer to answer any questions
  3. Get introduced to their knowledge base and digital guides
  4. Go through dozens of realistic practice scenarios using the digital guides to complete tasks or respond to questions/requests
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the next topic

The trainer experience

A trainer facilitating the training would do the following:

  1. Assign the course topic to the employees
  2. Lead a short discussion after each employee completes the course to answer any questions
  3. Introduce the digital guides to the new employees and explain how to find them
  4. Present practice scenarios to the employees
  5. Offer support as they learn to follow the digital guides to complete the different practice scenarios
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next topic

How to Plan, Build, and Run a New Hire Training Program That Works

Learn how to implement the Find & Follow Training Framework, and experience less stress, more consistent results, and more agile agents.

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How do we help you prepare and run Find & Follow Training?

Our team will take you through a 5-stage process that will ensure a successful training launch, a repeatable process, and ongoing improvements.

  • Plan

  • Develop

  • Pilot

  • Launch

  • Optimize



Find & Follow Planning Workshop

During this workshop, your Content Coach will work with your trainers and supervisors to identify what employees will need to know and what they will need to be able to do once they leave training.

This includes:

  • Contextual information to understand the business and their role
  • Tools they will use
  • Scenarios they will encounter

This will result in a detailed training plan that will identify what you need to develop in Step 2.



Develop your materials

During this phase, your Content Coach meets with your team weekly or bi-weekly to offer guidance and feedback on developing all of your training materials, including:

  • Foundational courses
  • Digital guides
  • Trainers guide with practice scenarios

The Content Coach ensures your team is adopting best practices for writing and formatting content so that employees can easily find and follow the required guide within seconds.



Train the trainer

During this phase, your Content Coach ensures your trainers are prepared to facilitate a Find & Follow training session.

You will pilot the training with several agents to increase the comfort level of the trainer, identify missing or unclear guides, and make any needed improvements.

This usually takes between 2-3 weeks. 

Launch your training program


Launch and run your training program

It's officially time to launch your training program! Employees will walk through the three phases of training (foundation courses, digital guides, & practice activities) for each topic. 

Your Content Coach will be available to assist with any questions you run into during training. 

As an added option, you can even have your Content Coach facilitate the training for you. 

Launch your training program


Optimize your courses and digital guides

Once you've gone through training with your new employees and had time to evaluate the success, you'll be able to identify areas for optimization using our Content Optimization Services. This will be done through search reports, usage reports, comments, and even call shadowing. 

Our content coaches will walk you through a workshop and/or coaching services


Find & Follow Training Webinar Series

In these webinars, Greg DeVore and Jonathan DeVore (yes, they're brothers) will teach you exactly how to plan, build, and run a Find & Follow Training program in your organization.

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Software, workshops & coaching services

We're committed to helping you develop knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less. Partner with ScreenSteps on any or all of the following solutions to implement a training program that works. 

Knowledge Base Software

Easily create, find, follow and manage digital guides of all kinds. 

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Content Planning Workshop

Create a game plan for developing your courses and digital guides. 

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Coaching Services

Work with a content coach to create guides that are easy to find and follow.

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Optimization Services

Work with an optimization coach to ensure your digital guides stay accurate and up-to-date

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