Knowledge base software that improves employee performance

"Dummy proof" knowledge base guides that make it easy for employees to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time. 

Modernize your workplace with a knowledge base software

Take your knowledge base to the next level. Never ask employees to memorize a process or procedure again — saving time, reducing employee mistakes, and making your whole organization run more efficiently.

What our customers are saying

“With ScreenSteps, new agents don’t seem to have any calls that they shudder with. They feel confident handling any type of call within the first 15 days of being hired (even the more involved calls), and by day 45 they are pretty much experts.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Business Process Outsourcer

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ScreenSteps slices in half the time it takes to create content. Those who are contributing often comment on how easy it is to create content.”

Derek Cisler | Training Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

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“It's hard to decide if I like the software or the support best. Response times are fast, and only take one request. In word superb.”

Gary | Chairman and CEO of a Small Business

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Easily create and manage knowledge base content

Do your employees struggle to perform procedures?

Our team is here to help. Schedule a demo with a knowledge management expert to discuss your company's challenges and we'll help put together a game plan that will improve employee performance metrics within 30 days of launch.


See what users are searching and viewing

There’s no need to wonder if your employees are using the guides you create. Our straightforward analytic tools provide insights into what content is being used, who’s using it, and what terms employees are searching for. This allows you to update and refine your guides for even better employee performance.

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Integrate ScreenSteps with your other systems

Learn more about single sign-on, APIs and other ways to connect ScreenSteps to your existing software and systems.

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ScreenSteps Features

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Turn your knowledge base into tangible results for your company

Reduce stress and improve performance. Discover how ScreenSteps can make you and your employees’ jobs easier.

Improve your employee performance with a knowledge base software

Do your employees struggle to perform processes and procedures? Do you answer the same question over and over again? You don't need better employees — you need better tools. 

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