LNK Recall: Recall the Mayor & Lincoln City Council

Our government is trying to force us to take care of each other. No one should have to respect their neighbor's life and health! That is a personal choice.

LNK Recall is dedicated to recalling our city's government in 2021. Signatures are being gathered now!

Overturn the mask mandate

Masks are a means of social control: our Mayor and City Council are trying to take away your freedom! Namely your freedom to die of a respiratory illness, and your freedom to pass it along to others.

Masks are not freedom. Only COVID-19 is freedom.

Let the cops do their job: crush dissent

Our government allowed protestors in the streets to say bad things about the police. This should be illegal. Our heroic police officers need more latitude to punish those who disagree with them!

Everyone should do anything police ask, without question, at all times.

LNK Recall is looking out for your freedom. Please donate!